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MNC has made a name for itself in pharmacoeconomics by conducting various research projects. By cooperating with the WWU Münster (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität) we are always on the cutting edge of research. Study design and selecting a suitable evaluation methodology are our strengths.

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Medical Netcare has already conducted prospective health-economic studies and projects in more than 150 medical practices, and has established benchmarking processes in more than 450 medical practices.

In many areas of the health care system - industry, (medical) providers of services or health and care insurance providers - the claim "to be among the best" is a clear strategic goal and is also gaining importance in outpatient practice due to the increasing competitive pressure.

The MNC Study System is a multi-tested and modular concept for the planning and implementation of health and pharmaco-economic study projects. Cohort and/ or register studies can, for example, form the data base, which is also available online on request for case planning and hypothesis testing. Based on this, we will develop and realise prospective, multicentric studies with you, which can be documented in the study centers or directly online.

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This is a selection of some of our previous publications.

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