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The PPP-RL procedure

Germanwide quality control

On behalf of the Institute for quality control and transparency in healthcare (IQTIG), Medical Netcare will oversee the collection of data for the PPP-RL-procedure for the years 2020 – 2024. In addition, MNC was tasked with creating the quaterly reports for all psychiatric and psychosomatic facilities during the transition period.

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Each facility that is required to verify their staffing by the ppp-guideline, has to first register on the PPP-Webportal After that, a signed copy of the registration has to be sent to MNC. Once MNC receives this copy, the transmitters are unlocked.



After successfully registering, all facilities can upload part A and, if the facility is part of the sample, also part B of the service documents provided by the G-BA. A successful upload is acknowledged by email.


Each upload will immediatly be checked for completion and plausibility. A feedback showing any mistakes found is send to all registered transmitters of the facility.


Corrections and re-upload

The facilities can now correct and re-upload their data, with the new upload replacing the old one. After each upload, a feedback is created, so the facilities can systematically erradicate all mistakes, if necessary with the help of our support team.

Data processing

After the end of the upload-period, all data is processed for evaluation. Additional tables are created, which help with a deeper analysis of the data by linking multiple excel-tables.


Creating the report

Finally, the quaterly reports are created. Normally, we receive data from over 1000 facilities that go into the report, including 700 psychiatric departments, 250 psychosomatic departments and around 300 child and young adult psychiatric departments.

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