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This is a selection of some of our previous publications.

TEMPO®-Study COMPACT®-Study Phazit®-Study Benchmark©-Study
Dialysis - annual qa-reports


In 2003, MNC published the results of the TEMPO®-study in the journal "Diabetes and Metabolism" (issue 12/2003), a highly regarded study among diabetologists on risk profiling, cost analysis and resource optimisation in diabetes treatment. You can find some selected documents for download here.


In 2004, MNC published the results of the COMPACT®-study, a medical and pharmacological analysis of the usual insulin therapy against pioglitazone therapy (in "Diabetes and Metabolism", issue 13/2004). We have selected some documents from the COMPACT®-study for you to download.


As early as 2003, MNC published the newsletter on pharmacological application monitoring for supplementary insulin therapy (Phazit®). Two and even three years later, parts of the observational study were taken into consideration at the 2005 anniversary of the German Diabetes Society as well as through new publications, e.g. "Diabetologia" (Vol 47, Suppl. 1, A 264-265), "Diabetologie und Stoffwechsel" (diabetology and metabolism) (edition 2005, 14 and again in issue 2006, 1). Below are four selected documents from PHAZIT®.


In 2006, MNC published the BENCHMARK©-study (in "Diabetes, Stoffwechsel und Herz" (diabetes, metabolism and heart), issue 2/2006), a case-mix, structure and process analysis of the influence of a "Diabetologist DDG" in a normal or a diabetological practice. Below you can find two selected documents from the BENCHMARK©-study.